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Ramblings of a Stalker

The Stories of The Kes-Kes

13 October
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I'm a girl.

I used to live in Ohio, and now I live in Florida.

I'm going to be baptized into the Mormon Church at the end of this month (December 2005). I'm super excited.

Together, my sister and I have six dogs and four cats. She has three littles, I have two bigs, and we share a medium. The medium and one of the littles are fosters -- the rest are for keeps. They are as follows:

Pippin -- 10 pound tri-colored Jack Russell/Chihuahua (looks like a chihuahua).

Annie -- 12 pound miniature skye terrier (we kind of made that up, but she looks like one so there!).

Ren -- 50 pound black (with a white splash on his chest) border collie/retriever mix.

Sarek -- 60 pound um.. well, he's tan with brown eyes, a big head, and huge pointy ears, hense his name.

Norbert -- 12 pound terrier mix of some sort. He's a foster.

Roxy -- 25 pound Shiba Inu. She's also a foster, but I get the feeling I'm going to keep her for life because she has too many issues for anyone else to want her. *sigh* She's so sweet, though. I love her to death.

My mother has Puppy -- a jack russell/beagle mix

And Eggo, a shepherd/bassett hound mix.

And this is the new cat, Malaney.

My sister also has three cats, but I don't interact with them much. They are Raven, Rogue, and Toby.

I also have a hermit crab named Junior, a pink toe tarantula named Pinky (I didn't name her), a fire belly toad named Murphy, and a black newt named Montag.

I live at Uhouse.

This is my journal. Enjoy.

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