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April 28th, 2006

02:54 pm - Hola!
So I guess I don't so much update this anymore really... I use my xanga (http://www.xanga.com/wannabevulcan), and my MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/littleblackcloud42) a lot more, though.

But anyways... I met this really great guy named Andy. We've been spending a lot of time together. The word Twitterpated has come into more than one conversation, lol.

I got a new job at a place called Windows Plus. I'm in the Service department -- I schedule the guys that go out and fix the windows and doors and such. I like it a lot, but I spend a lot of time just sitting around not really doing anything and talking to Jeff Adkinson (Michael's oldest brother).

PETsMART fired me for drinking half a soda before I paid for it. Yep. Silly huh? That's not why I got a new job, though... I was just gonna do both for a while. Guess I don't have to worry about that now.

Sarek's Heartworm treatment is pretty much done now. He's alive and well.

I guess that's about it. :)

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April 9th, 2006

10:16 pm - Pictures!
So most of these are old, but one is from Johnson leaving.. :( he wrote some nice things on the back of it that made me want to cry, though. In fact, I did cry when I read them again. I miss him.

I miss Michael, too. He didn't write to me this week. I guess he was busy or something.. *sigh* This better not be a trend he's starting!

Well, here's the pictures.

Johnson and Sabers
Missionaries are Jedis, and the Force is the Priesthood.
I dunno... but somehow, this is really hot. He's not hot, but this picture certainly is.

Having just woken up, we were still extremely sleepy.

Baptism 2
White is definately not my color.. or Michael's.

Me Michael and Missionaries
We're not dorks, we were laughing. And maybe we're all a little bit dorky at heart.
Ya know, I never realized that Breckenridge is that tall.

Smith Johnson and Me Edited
Dang, I'm short! However, Behold! A decent picture of Elder Smith!!

Book of Mormon
And just for kicks, this is definately one of the greatest books ever written.

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March 7th, 2006

08:42 am - PICTURES!!!
Warning: I hope you have high speed, 'cause there's a lot of 'em!

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February 28th, 2006

05:24 pm
So Annie had to have surgery, and she's currrently recovering. Dr. Jones at the E-Vet is retarded eyond all reason. Generally, Dear Dr. Jones, a dog's insides should stay INSIDE the dog.. and should they fall out, you should probably go ahead and do surgery. IDIOT.

Sarek tried to eat Nova as well. it's his instinct I guess, to attack when they're down. I don't know what to do.. really.. I don't.

Michael left today. Wow.. I haven't hurt this much in quite some time.

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February 26th, 2006

11:52 pm
I am so glad that I have the Holy Spirit.

My uncle was being a jerk again, and the Spirit moved me to bear me Testimony. I was backing up the things I said with scriptures that I didn't even know.. and can't remember now. But it took about five minutes, and I talked about the Priesthood, about Joseph Smith, about Christ, and somehow baptism of the dead got in there, cause that was a big thing with my uncle as well. Finally I said, "Amen" and he said "I'm not going to say 'amen' because I don't agree, but.. whatever" and then hung up. But the way he said it was.. hm.. accepting. Not that he condones my decision, but I think now he actually knows that I mean it, that I've done the thinking for myself, and that I'm not just in it for the Misionaries. Not that he'll leave me alone, of course... he'll just find another way to attack me and make me miserable.

He e-mailed me and told me he was going to look up those scripture references. haha.. I make the missionaries proud!

David and I are supposed to go bowling sometime.. Don't know when cause he's a busy kid with all that Physics stuff goin on.

I love it when 16 year olds flirt with me.. haha. Especially cute ones. Because then I flirt back, and feel like a pedophile.. lol. And the missionaries stare at me and raise their eyebrows.. hahaha.

Elder Smith talked to my sister tonight. I don't know how it went, cause I didn't get to talk to Smith afterwards.

And I didn't get to ask my sister because she was kind of freaking out about the dogs.. see.. 65 pound Sarek with the giant hippo face picked up 14 pound Annie and shook her. He gave her a hernia in her side, and some pretty bad bites, and he might have damaged her lungs, and she might have neurological issues, too, from the shaking. Or she could just be walking funny from shock.. we won't know until the morning. We decided to hold off on the expensive CT scan, as there's nothing they can do if it isn't just shock. So I get to pick her up from the vet at 6:30, and take her to OUR vet from there, and see what THEY want to do with her.

So I guess that means no Seminary for me, eh?

And then it's off to hang with Cristin, Kaitlin, and Michael. And maybe Elizabeth, too.

And at some point tomorrow, I have to get those pictures off of Michael's camera. I've got some cute ones on there.. hehe.

But for now.. I think I'm gonna go ahead and go to bed.. and try to get some sleep.

Michael made me cry tonight.. I don't want him to leave. I think the Holy Spirit is trying to help me out, though. We're working together on this one.

I got a Hoody and some nice CDS, though. And a nifty Dry-erase belt buckle.. hahaha.

"Tell his Reverance your story
Let us see if he's impressed.
You were lodging here last night
You were the honest Bishop's guest.
And then out of Christian goodness
When he learned about your plight,
You maintain he made a present
Of this silver --
That is right.

But my friend you left so early
Something surly slipped your mind.
You forgot I gave these also,
Would you leave the best behind?
So Monsigneres you may release him
For this man has spoken true
I commend you for your duty
And God's blessing go with you."

(Disclaimer: I can't spell in French)

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February 7th, 2006

09:19 am
Last night kristi and I went and saw End of the Spear. I hadn't even heard of that until last night.

It scared the crap out of me. People whose best friends are leaving for missions soon shouldn't watch a movie about missionaries DYING.

I need to call my missionaries today and tell them how much I appreciate them and their missionaryness.

I'm talking to the Bishop tonight about my Patriarchal blessing! Wooo!

And someone.. who's name and rank will not be mentioned.. told me they would make out with me. Score! Too bad we can't.

Oh, and I have a date on Friday with David (the guy that looks like Harry Potter). We're going to the Astronomy lab at UF.

If you scratch Hector's ears, it makes him scratch his neck. How cute.

New rat (Scrabble) is doing fine.

Malaney will be getting fixed this month.

YAY for everything!

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February 6th, 2006

12:31 am
Mmmm... mud!

I'm grateful for the missionaries, and for the Priesthood.

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February 3rd, 2006

08:08 pm
Brief update about a lot of time:

Rox got adopted.
Norbert got adopted.
We got a new foster. He's a hound-mix puppy named Hector.
I got a new rat, but I don't know if I'm going to keep him. He doesn't have a name yet.
Michael is in Utah visiting family, and I miss him like crazyness. What will I do when he leaves for Ireland?!
I wish he knew WHY I won't get married or leave for my mission until he comes back... but I don't think he does. I'll tell him before he leaves.. but not until RIGHT before he leaves. Until then, I;ll just suck it up. I don't want things to be weird between us until then, ya know? Not for our last month together. Wow.. it feels like so much longer than a few months.
Things with David are good so far.. not sure where that is going, though. He's nice.

That's it for now. Everyone have a good day!

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January 25th, 2006

08:51 pm

Isn't he?

Justin McMillen!

A lioness and myself. Hot stuff isn't she? Reminds me of Sarek.

This is a tractor in its natural habitat at Busch Gardens.

This is my fiencee. We're engaged to be married... as soon as he stops talking to backhoes.

I bet Michael has fleas, though.

Gorilla Power!

This is so wrong... his hips wiggle and he sings a song while he opens and closes his arms. Yeah... I thought so, too.


The toys at Walmart decided that they didn't like Michael..

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January 21st, 2006

11:39 pm
So Michael and I went to Busch Gardens on Thursday. Exciting. Mike is the largest Clydsdale.. and he's sooo pretty! I wanted to ride him, but one can't really ride a Clydsdale. Oh well.

There are more pictures, but Michael's internet is really slow, so I'll upload them tomorrow when I have more time. Until then, ya'll will just have to deal with these five.

Please tell me what the fuzzy thigns are, okay?


Hot, huh? This Komodo Dragon and I got REAL close that day... if you know what I'm sayin! HAR HAR! Or... I'm just being dumb. Either way.

Fuzzy things! Anyone know what these are? They're super cute, and they were totaly preening a feather duster.

The first time I saw the world... I saw Michael. Michael = mama?!

Moneky Michael! I bet he DOES have fleas.

Okay, so the matching shirts is kinda... queer.. but it was an accident. We were getting funnel cake and french fries. Talk about some healthy eating! Do you like my flower? I picked it myself. Nope.. Michael wasn't thoughtful.

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